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The declaration of Buliders

                                                 --To Huaheng’s builders                                          

Welcome to the stage for the builder—Huaheng. Here you will get your ambitions and dreams come true, and meet

with your struggling life.Meanwhile,Huaheng gathers new comrades in thesame camp, who constantly strive to

become stronger with positive energy. Asthe builders, the dream and development of Huaheng will be undertaken

by youand us together.

Life is full of struggling, which is not only the happiness of life, but also the only way we can choose to face life.We

should always remember that nothing is impossible, only people who do not matter. Huaheng rejects mediocrity and


Our builders should possess our own character, which represents the depth and width of the spirit. Now Huaheng is

still like a weak baby, who needs time to grow up, and specially needs the care and love from you. The builders

must be aim high, with character and big love.

Our builders should not only have their own thinking ability and judgment, but also should have strong

perseverance. You should study hard and be good at learning.You should learning from everywhere in your work

life. Huaheng concerns on your progress and efforts every day. We expect that you would more self-conscious,

self-independent and self-discipline. You must always take the initiative to do what needs to do not the others

ask you to do. Your grow up will push Huaheng to promotion. Believe that you are thereal builder! You will

continuously overcome yourselves, transcend yourselves and acomplish yourselves during the process of building


It is my great honor to fight with you and build Huaheng together