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Brief Introduction

Anhui Huaheng Biological Engineering Co., Ltd. was established in April 2005, is aprofessional engaged in amino acids and other organic acid product development, production and sales of national Torch key high-tech enterprises. Company completed the joint-stock reform and renamed Anhui Huaheng Biotechnology Co.,Ltd. in November 2013.

The company has successfully undertaken the "863" project of the Ministry of Science and Technology of the Twelfth Five-Year Plan,  the National Demonstration Project of the Biological Industry of the National Develop mentand Reform Commission, the Enterprise Technology Innovation Fund of the Ministry of Science and Technology, and other high-tech industrialization projects. It is an international leader in the production of L-Alanine technology and industrialization of enterprises.

Our products are mainly used in medicine and health care products, daily chemicals,food and food additives and other fields.Upholdingthe concept of green, relying on technological breakthroughs and cost advantages,  We providing services for the world's top 500 and industry leaders, including many domestic and international first-class customers.