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To explore the alanine

What is alanine

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Alanine is a nonessential amino acid with composed to the human body protein in 20 kinds, , It is a neutral amino

acid which its molecules containing carboxyl, amino. There are alpha and beta two different constructs. Alpha type

alanine due to the asymmetric carbon atoms in molecules with L, type and D type stereo image, the optical activity

are different.

Alpha alanine was synthesized for the first time in 1850 by a German chemist huber card. It is the first time separated from natural products silk, alkaline decomposition n 1875,

Now, not only in silk, in the sea urchin, shrimp, shellfish and other seafood, seaweed, kelp, seaweed, meat, beans, fungi, ect, all kinds of food material is also with the

existence of alanine and alanine was founded to constitute the elements for delicious food.

Beta alanine are not be founded in the protein hydrolysate.It is exists in the free state in the root nodules of leguminous plant, it is also exists in the tea and the mammalian brain hydrolysate,.It is mainly be used to compose of  pantothenicacid, calcium Pantothenate, carnosine, Disodium pamidronate, Balsalazide etc which is applied widely in the field of medicine, feed, food, etc.

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