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To explore the alanine

The application of Alanine

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1、Reconcile the food flavor, and improve the quality

L- alanine is one of the highest contains in amino acids in the protein. It has special sweet taste, aroma. Mixed

it with other material which show fragrance make it appears more advanced fragrance. The sweetness of

DL -alanine is the strongest in amino acids, it is sweeter than sugar, 1.6 times of glycine. Long time ago,

DL - alanine with L -glutamate, glycine are be used for amino seasoning to moderate sour. Alanine giving food

delicious meanwhile push out a utility of delicious by food material itself. It can enhance the freshness, harmonize

the salty, sour, moderate spicy, bitterness and astringency, etc It has the function to keep food taste gently.

DL -alanine also with the function to buffer ph, chelating heavy metal and prevent Browning, It has been widely

used as a nutritional supplement and seasonings.

2、The application of alanine in medicine

Alanine in the pharmaceutical industry has a wide range of uses. It can lower alcohol poisoning, loss weight, improve

memory and enhance the learning ability as well as to do the treatment of cognitive or mental disorder, and so on,

Meanwhile it also can be used as the preparation of L -amino propanol, synthesis of enalaprilat, VB6 pharmaceutical


3、The application of alanine in feed

Alanine as a kind of the body needs amino acids, with certain physiological action and positive significance to pup visceral nitrogen cycle. Amino acid played a very important role

in metabolism in animal body.It can strengthen immune and produce suger in the growth of the body .Add a certain amount of alanine to feed, it can enhance animal to grow up,

relieve stress and prevent disease.

4、The application of alanine in cosmetics

Alanine and phenylalanine derivatives are widely used in cosmetics and washing products,based on L-alanine as

raw materials to produce the MGDA, with high chelating ability and to humans and the environment are very safe.

It is with good ecological and toxicological characteristics ,high efficiency and clean ability, no stimulation to the

skin .It willlead the development of new type chelating agent to a new height.


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